Program Review!

Thank you for volunteering your group to review the Trail Life USA program prior to our Program Launch! Please keep us updated in the following ways:

>  Drop us an email anytime - see our email addresses in the "Contacts" tab.

>  You can drop a quick question or comment in the "Notes" box in the "Contact Us" tab.

>  You can send feedback to us through your group Liaison who has been working closely with our Board or our Program Teams.

>  We will also send you some surveys to obtain your feedback.  When you get them, please answer them promptly for us.

>  If you need a quick question answered, you can contact David Servin, Program Review Coordinator, via cell phone at 267-679-6233.  But if it isn't necessary, please email instead.


Your group Liaison has been emailed the User Name and Password that will serve as your log-in to access the "Resources" tab above.  This User Name and Password may be shared among the key leaders of your Group as needed for them to access and review the Program Review materials. Please remember that these materials are for your leaders' eyes only!


Please be considerate and do not share with others outside of your group that you have access to these materials or how that process is going.  You are assisting Trail Life USA in this evaluation process, and it would not be fair to invite the curiosity of others that can not participate.


Please check back here regularly for updates.  We will add updates as they arrive.  In fact, we have a few other documents that we will add shortly, but wanted to get you started now!  So please start reviewing the program and...


                                    ...Walk Worthy!




Ten Safeguards for Child Protection in the Christian Troop

This picture is in here ... just because we can!